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This sounds awesome! But what does Ministry of Awesome do?

Ministry of Awesome is the starting place to make things happen.
We support early-stage entrepreneurs with ideas for projects, events, startups, social enterprises and more; to turn their ideas into reality through our events programme, co-working space, education workshops and the consulting work we do to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Where are you located?

Awesome HQ is located at 192 St Asaph Street in Christchurch. Stop by sometime and have a look at our amazing co-working space!

I have an idea I want to run by someone. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We work with entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing tailored, one-on-one support to develop business plans, teams, revenue models, and marketing strategy.

We offer our Startup Activator as a coach and strategist to support businesses in the very early stages of development in Christchurch. Our Startup Activator is a dedicated team member at the Ministry of Awesome who will help take your project or business idea to the next level. An initial 30 minute session provides the opportunity to seriously discuss an idea, business, social enterprise, or project that is, or has the potential to generate revenue. Sessions are available to anyone—of any age—wanting to bring their ideas to the next level.

If you’re working on an idea, get in touch with our Startup Activator at activate@ministryofawesome.com with a few lines about your work and where you may need help! 

But it’s only at the idea stage. Is that okay?

Not only is that okay, it’s fantastic. We’d love to help you get that idea off the ground. No matter the stage of your idea (ideation or full growth) we have something for you!

I’m looking for a space to work out of. How much does it cost to work from Awesome HQ?

Great! We offer 250sqm of open co-working space for amazing people who are keen to collaborate, build community, and connect with different sectors that are developing cool stuff in Christchurch. High ceilings, meeting rooms with loads of natural light, fibre internet, and delicious coffee are included!


Permanent desks are $450+GST/month (Six Month Agreement) or $500+ GST/month (Month-to-Month).

Daily drop-in desks are $20 including GST per day.

If you’re in need of a meeting room, our boardroom has a whiteboard and comfortably fits 8-10 people. It’s available for $90 + GST per day, $50 + GST for a half-day, or $20 + GST per hour. Our interview room comfortably fits 5-7 people, and it’s available for $75 +GST per day, $40 + GST for a half-day, or $15 + GST per hour.

For more info on the perks available in each of these spaces, go here. If you’re interested, please feel free to stop by! We’re here for you every weekday from 9am-5pm. Otherwise, contact us anytime.