Startup Breakfast Club: Mental Health and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ministry of Awesome's STARTUP BREAKFAST CLUB powered by MYOB is made for all you budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in Christchurch. This is your monthly morning caffeine hit where you will find valuable social networks, gain business insight, and find the critical support you need to power your business forward.  

Being an entrepreneur is tough and requires extreme focus, dedication and time alone – which often leads to unwanted stress and anxiety.

At this month’s Breakfast Club, we’ll learn how to keep an entrepreneurial mindset when things get tough, and how we can find inspiration when it feels like the ship is sinking. With help from our panellists, we’ll explore the added benefits of a healthy work-life balance, and discuss the power of our local support network.

We’ll be joined by:

 - Andy Masters- Serial Entrepreneur

 - Hannah Airey- Director at Workplace Wellbeing 

Hannah Airey is Director of Workplace Wellbeing and works with organisations to transform and inspire positive workplace culture, by implementing bespoke holistic wellbeing initiatives. With over 12 years experience in developing and facilitating workshops aimed at increasing mental and physical wellness and promoting positivity, empowering people to use what they already have within themselves on a primal level, is what Hannah is passionate about. Her style is professional, innovative, dynamic, inspiring and engaging making her workshops and programmes memorable and life changing. Hannah also worked for Gap Filler Trust for 6 years, an urban regeneration initiative here in Christchurch, focused on bringing people into the city and giving them a positive and different experience in this ever changing environment.

Prior to working in the field of wellbeing, Hannah co-owned and managed some of NZ’s top hospitality businesses in Christchurch for almost a decade and has worked professionally in a myriad of companies throughout London, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand as a contractor to many private and public corporations. Hannah has a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, is qualified in a number of holistic modalities and is an Associate of the Mental Health Foundation, and Founder and Chair of Lotus Community Wellbeing Trust, dedicated to delivering wellbeing workshops to the community.

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Thanks to our friends at MYOB there will be breakfast treats to keep your brain and tummy wide awake, and our friends at The Sailors Son will provide free-flowing coffee. It's an absolutely FREE event, so claim your spot by registering now!

You won't want to miss this great opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and to learn from industry veterans who have been through the start-up process and can help you along your journey.

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