Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 175

First Speaker: Magdalena Lorenzo from The Commuting Book

Magdalena loves to read, likes to see other people reading and cares about having less cars in Christchurch and so the idea of “The Commuting Book” was born.

She would like to see more people using public transport by emphasizing that commuting time is not wasted time. Instead, it is time where you can relax, read a book and learn something new.

Reading is sexy and can be a good conversation starter, for example when you cannot hold back laughing out loud while reading a book, you are bound to have someone being curious enough to find out which book is such a pleasure to read.

To convince people to take a bus, time out for themselves and read, she is starting the conversation via her Facebook page, wants to establish a book exchange at the Bus Exchange and eventually have books on the bus.

If you like her project and would like to support, volunteer, donate books or have another great idea that Magdalena should think about, get in touch via her Facebook page or website.


Second Speaker: Jackie Maw Tolliver Founder of Film Canterbury

Jackie, herself a writer, director and producer introduced us to Film Canterbury, the regional film office for Canterbury and their mission to drive inbound film making and bringing it to Christchurch.

After living in the States for a couple of years making her own films, she decided to come back to Christchurch and contribute to the rebuild and bringing a billion dollar industry to the South Island.

Christchurch is not broken anymore and in fact she describes it now as brash, audacious, innovative and sexy with a good infrastructure and more importantly great people that offer great opportunities to attract production teams from all over the world.

Film Canterbury is offering to be the one-stop-shop for production teams, starting from finding somewhere to sleep for your crew to helping with permits for locations.

They currently exploring the opportunity to build a film studio and also supporting education and innovation of the local film industry.

With her connections, she would like to see the New York Film Academy to do workshops here for which they are still looking for sponsors.

As for driving innovation, they would like to set up incubator labs, where technology can be adapted to the film world and vice versa and are particularly interested in supporting Kiwi made technology.

If you are interested to support Film Canterbury or want to find out more check out their website or get in touch with Jackie here.



- Summer Hess has recently arrived in Christchurch and is working out of C-lab on her book about Social Enterprises, if you want to get to know her, get in touch here

- The Canterbury Tech Summit is coming up fast - 15th September, for more information and to get your tickets check out their website

- Find your Billion is a free one day workshop offered by Singularity U NZ Summit to teenagers aged 13 to 19. To find out more and register for the event visit the website.

- The next Launch Club is coming up September 8th. Learn how to pitch your ideas and get your tickets here.