What We Do

Ministry of Awesome is the starting point for entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators in Christchurch. We deliver the support, guidance, capability training, and networks that entrepreneurs need to succeed.


Our Startup Activation Programme is tailor-made to support entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators who are at the early stages of developing a new business or venture. For more information, watch the video below or click here. 


We host 100+ training and networking events a year to support your pathway to entrepreneurial success. This is where Christchurch's entrepreneurial, startup, and innovation ecosystem gather. Whether you're an early stage entrepreneur, a startup founder, or a veteran entrepreneur - you'll find inspiration, education, and connection. 

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What are Awesome Labs?

Awesome Labs is a workshop specifically designed for Year 10's who are beginning to think about their future and for parents who understand that the convergence of exponential technologies ensures that our children’s future will be one of constant and considerable change.

The two-day workshop teaches the students how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset so that they can be adaptive and succeed in the face of disruption. Awesome Labs introduces young adults to the principles of innovation and entrepreneurship - applying lean startup methodology to problem-solving, solution-making, and the steps to building a successful startup.

Why is Awesome Labs important?

Awesome Labs are designed to empower today’s students with the soft skills they need to deal with the change that is happening in the world right now. Flexibility and adaptability, creativity and problem solving, positivity and optimism are all key attributes for the successful citizen of the future.

If you want to bring an Awesome Lab to your school or community, please reach out by filling out the inquiry form below. 


Ministry of Awesome has run a number of successful idea accelerator events (‘hackathons’) over the last 6 years. We understand that diversity of thought, collaboration, and time pressure can create breakthrough solutions to well-known problems and can be the fundamental first step in the innovation process regardless of sector. 

Our idea acceleration process is based on startup methodology and is well-honed, cost-efficient, and easily executable. We also have an extensive network of Canterbury’s most innovative entrepreneurs, accelerator managers, and mentors, which is why some of Christchurch’s leading organisations choose Ministry of Awesome as their innovation facilitator and activator.

If you would like to drive innovation within your organisation, sector or school please get in touch by filling out the inquiry form below.