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No, happy for others to take the lead on this idea
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Convince Boris Johnson to get us a good deal on them. Sam are you related ???
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This would involve slowly replacing Christchurchs current fleet of buses with the new routemaster bus (as found in London). It would be awesome if we were the only city outside of England to secure rights to run these double-deck buses on our public transport network. This would also ensure that a little bit of English heritage will be continued into the future in Christchurch.

The jump on, jump off nature of the rear door would be awesome, in the CBD. As they are so expensive (~$600,000NZD) we could wait until they are in full production, to secure a better price.



Is bob the builder gonna build the buses? That'd be cool! :)

More than just function... it's form that inspires us to try something new, like take a ride on the cool bus.

Sustainable transport is the bottom line for me -what about our own locally produce electric powered buses?

I love them. Would be great to have London Black taxis too. Afterall we are a red and black town.